Aiken jeweler adds certified gemologist appraiser

AIKEN, SC — Floyd & Green Jewelers is already known for its fine jewelry and amazing customer service, among other things. Now, they are able to add jewelry appraising to their accolades with the addition of Certified Gemologist Appraiser Roger Riemann to the store.

Riemann, who is one of the few certified gemologist appraisers in the county, joined Floyd and Green in November 2016 after managing and supervising jewelry stores in Columbia for 20 years. He began his career in the jewelry business after going into business with his dad in upstate New York, then he later managed jewelry stores across the country.

In 1991, Riemann became a registered jeweler, and a year later, he became a certified gemologist. When Riemann came to Aiken to work for Steve Floyd and Tom Williams, owners of Floyd and Green, they sponsored him to take the exam to become a certified gemologist appraiser. With “appraiser” on his title now, Riemann can offer more to the store’s customers.

“As a certified gemologist appraiser, I not only have the ability to identify and grade gems, but I also have the appraisal aspect of evaluation,” Riemann said. “You don’t get that same training by just being a registered jeweler or gemologist graduate.”

Riemann received his certification from the American Gem Society (AGS), which is an ethics and standards group in the jewelry business that businesses must be invited into to join. A business must be in good standing for at least two years, have an excellent record with the Better Business Bureau, and have a list of many other things to become a member. Floyd and Green has been a part of AGS for the past 20 years.

Riemann’s job primarily consists of evaluating and identifying jewelry, and writing up replacement estimates to be used with insurance companies. When he is appraising an item, which can take up to a week to complete, Riemann looks to see if the gem is real or man-made. He checks to see if the piece of jewelry is free from blemishes like scratches or scuffs, and then evaluates the cut of the piece. Riemann is also able to estimate the weight of the carat, which he says is the most important part.

“So many people are amazed that we can come within 1 to 2 percent of the carat’s weight without taking the item apart,” he said.

Riemann says that having a certified gemologist appraiser at Floyd and Green is important because a simple sales receipt for a piece of jewelry just won’t cut it when you go to your insurance company.

“It’s important to have your appraisal updated every two years so your replacement can be of like kind and quality. A sales receipt doesn’t tell very much about a particular piece of jewelry and has no regard to other attributes,” Riemann said. “You want to have tight controls on what your insurance company can give you.”

Riemann also believes that people should really take time to understand the purpose of the evaluations. At Floyd and Green, customers can call and make an appointment to have their items looked at for free to see if it’s worth having it appraised.

“Rather than just assume, just call and come see us,” Riemann said. “People will come in with things they thought were just costume jewelry pieces and find out they they’re actually gold or silver designer pieces. I would rather have someone come in to let me look at it, than have them make a decision on their own and miss out on a piece worth a lot of money.”

Estate jewelry is a big part of Floyd and Green’s business, and Riemann helps in buying estate jewelry for the store, as well. He can evaluate what they’re planning to buy and what they have already bought before he joined the business. Now, when someone comes in to buy a piece of estate jewelry, it comes with an estimate of replacement done by Riemann.

Riemann has to take an exam to retain his certification each year through AGS.

“By becoming a member of this ethical community (AGS), we have said we want to raise the bar, by not only being ethical with the public, but also choosing to sit in an exam every year to learn more,” he said.

Floyd and Green Jewelers is celebrating its 25th year as Aiken’s Crown Jeweler. The store is located at 515 Silver Bluff Road, Aiken. For more information about Riemann, his certification, or the store, visit their website,, or email