Ann Marie Stieritz named chief impact officer for Liberty Fellowship

A leading strategist in economic development and education, Ann Marie will be responsible for building and strengthening solutions designed and implemented by Liberty Fellows who are working to advance South Carolina in the areas of public policy, education, health and wellness, economic development and environment. She is a Fellow from the Class of 2016 and will join Liberty Fellowship from the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness where she is President & CEO.

“Ann Marie is widely recognized for building collaborations and marshalling resources that move South Carolina forward on various fronts,” commented Hayne Hipp, Liberty Fellowship Co-founder. “Overlaying her expertise with the ongoing efforts by Fellows to effect change on issues critical to South Carolinians will be powerful.”

Ann Marie will work closely with Fellows on their individual Liberty Fellowship projects, helping match them with resources and other Fellow projects to achieve scale and broaden impact.  Beyond the seminar experience, as Fellows work to address issues impeding progress in South Carolina, she will draw on her deep understanding of the various sectors of the state to help push those initiatives forward.

“We have a corps of 270 Fellows selected for Liberty Fellowship for their passion for South Carolina and their ability to get things done here,” added Luanne Runge, Liberty Fellowship President & CEO. “Bringing on Ann Marie to amplify these efforts across the state will have far-reaching, tangible results and signals a tipping point as we build on the Fellows’ strategic collective impact in South Carolina.”