Indie Grits Labs Announces New Project: Two Cities

COLUMBIA, S.C. (August 30, 2017)—Indie Grits Labs, created by Columbia Film Society (CFS) in early 2017 to consolidate the creation of its Indie Grits festival, media education programs and new media artwork announces that its newest project is Two Cities. The art works born from the research, discussion and creation through Two Cities will premiere at the annual Indie Grits Festival, which takes place April 12-15, 2018.

About Indie Grits Labs

Over the past twelve years, the work of Columbia Film Society, which governs the Nickelodeon Theatre, has grown beyond the theater’s presentation of films. Currently, Indie Grits Festival and all media education programs, including adult workshops, are now collectively known as Indie Grits Labs, a year-round institution for research, discussion and creation led by Seth Gadsden. Two Cities represents the first major project under the Indie Grits Labs umbrella. Visit for archival works from Waterlines and Visiones, two past bodies of art works that are now archived projects under Indie Grits Labs.

Major Donors Support Indie Grits Labs

Indie Grits Labs research, discussion, creation and exhibition is made possible by support from a National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant, the Ford Foundation, Central Carolina Community Foundation, the City of Columbia, Richland County and South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

Two Cities

Two Cities will focus its activities in North Columbia, seeking to promote an open, inclusive and welcoming dialogue through creation of art, film and more. Beginning in August 2017, through a series of workshops, public forums and a selected cohort of artists primarily residing in North Columbia, Two Cities is exploring how racial and socioeconomic factors define our interactions within our shared city.

Led by Indie Grits Labs Director Seth Gadsden, visual artist Michaela Pilar Brown and visual artist/filmmaker Roni Nicole Henderson, the group will address issues such as race, gentrification, arts funding inequities, housing displacement and unification of Columbia’s North Main corridor to produce art works, all of which will now premiere at Indie Grits Festival.

Indie Grits Festival, April 12-15

Indie Grits Festival attendees can expect to take in the premiere of Two Cities completed projects, which will include visual art and film. As always, Indie Grits Festival will also feature a robust film competition with the best new, independent film by filmmakers with a connection to the Southeastern United States. The festival will also feature a full schedule of unique cultural opportunities and exhibitions. Stay tuned as Indie Grits Festival organizers announce more details about this year’s festival.

Filmmakers interested in submitting their films for Indie Grits Festival competition consideration can submit their work at, beginning Sept. 1, 2017.

For more information on Indie Grits Labs, Two Cities or Indie Grits Festival, contact Seth Gadsden at 254-8324. Follow @IndieGrits on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.