Jamie Scott Fitness Introduces Hyperice Vibrating Foam Rollers into the Classroom Setting

Even for the fittest of fitness buffs, proper stretching remains one of the most neglected parts of a typical workout routine. But because stretching significantly increases flexibility and recovery, Jamie Scott of Jamie Scott Fitness has longed searched for a way to incorporate innovative stretching into an actual fitness routine—and now he’s found the perfect product with the introduction of HyperIce Vibrating Foam Rollers. A major breakthrough that helps participants decrease muscle soreness and increase range of motion during—and not after a workout—Hyperice is quickly gaining popularity with serious athletes and the product is now being utilized by 95 percent of the NFL, MLB and the NBA.

“By using the HyperIce foam roller, our class participants can now incorporate active stretching into their routine—something that is often an afterthought for even the most accomplished athlete,” said Scott. “The vibration of the Hyperice foam roller helps reduce soreness and leads to higher muscle activation and Jamie Scott Fitness is the first fitness facility in the US to incorporate Hyperice into a classroom model. It’s a real game changer and I believe that it’s the next big thing in the fitness world.”

The scientific world certainly backs up Scott’s claims. Hyperice recently worked with the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill on a study that said vibration foam rollers provide up to a 40 percent increase in range of motion when rolling. Scott also says that delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, which happens when someone neglects stretching, can increase risk of serious injury as well as muscle pain and stiffness and the Hyperice foam rollers can help alleviate those concerns.

“Our Hyperice Recovery and Hyperice Performance classes are a revolutionary way to reach peak performance and we are proud to introduce this concept at Jamie Scott Fitness—one of many new changes to better serve our clients,” said Scott.

In addition to the Hyperice foam roller classes, Jamie Scott Fitness at Cross Hill Market and Columbia’s JSF Sweat Spin Cycle Studio will now offer clients 360 class options in both locations all available for under $150 a month. Scott also says that JSF is now offering a $59-tiered option for 4 classes a month at either facility.

Jamie Scott Fitness continues to be a game changer with innovative products and classes throughout South Carolina and Scott has also made expansion into the Charlotte, NC market a high priority. In addition to his second JSF Sweat Spin Cycle Studio at Park Ridge Shopping Center n Charlotte, Scott will soon open his second Jamie Scott Fitness facility on South Boulevard.

“We want to be the go to experts on cutting edge fitness technology, programming and technology and we are happy to expand our operations here in the Carolinas,” said Scott. “And stay tuned, because this is just the beginning!”

For more information on Hyperice Classes at JSF Fitness or for details on the new pricing structure, call 803.400.1215 or visit online at http://jamiescottfitness.com/.