NALS Paralegal Certification Recognized by the South Carolina Supreme Court

On April 19, 2017, the Supreme Court of South Carolina signed an order to include the NALS Professional Paralegal (PP) examination as an accepted examination for application to the South Carolina Certification Board for Paralegals. In January 2016, Honorable Costa M. Pliecones ordered that a Board of Paralegal Certifications be assembled and he nominated five attorneys and four paralegals to serve staggered terms for one and two years. NALS member Karen M. Cummins, M.P.S., PP, PLS, was instrumental in serving on this inaugural Board and the only paralegal serving on the Board for three years.

Originally, NALS paralegal examinations were not a part of the criteria to be certified as a paralegal in the state of South Carolina. Although the ABA recognizes many paralegal training courses, NALS, NALA, and NFPA have the only recognized paralegal certification examinations given outside of the classroom. Ms. Cummins worked tirelessly to demonstrate to the Certification Board that NALS belonged there alongside NALA and NFPA.

Certification of paralegals is now a reality in South Carolina and NALS is a part of that. Congratulations, NALS, on this milestone event marking significant change in the life of Paralegals across the State! Ms. Cummins will be featured in the Winter 2017 NALS @law magazine, discussing how this change for paralegals took place in South Carolina and what it means for the paralegal profession.

Are you a paralegal interested in certification? Contact the State Association for more information:

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