2022-2027 South Carolina Cancer Plan: A Data-Based Plan to Lessen the Cancer Burden Across the State

The South Carolina Cancer Alliance announces the release of the 2022-2027 South Carolina Cancer Plan. The Alliance, a multi-disciplinary collaborative of 800+ members, works to bring cancer prevention practices, early detection measures and life-enhancing resources to everyone impacted by cancer in the state. The organization develops, implements and funds the SC Cancer Plan, a five-year, evidence-based approach designed to deliver greater equity and access to cancer prevention and treatment.

“The new Cancer Plan is our strongest and most direct roadmap to reducing the impact of cancer in South Carolina,” said SC Cancer Alliance Board Chairman Gerald Wilson, MD, retired surgeon with Midlands Surgical Associates. “It’s the signature work of the Alliance, and it’s grounded in decades of data and trends in cancer incidence, mortality and survival. I couldn’t be more proud of and grateful for the expertise and countless volunteer hours that went into its development. The plan undoubtedly will make a difference in our state’s continued fight against cancer.”

The 2022-2027 plan is South Carolina’s fourth cancer plan since its formation in 2003. The plan is based on data collected by the SC Cancer Alliance and the South Carolina Central Cancer Registry (SCCCR) and reported in Cancer in South Carolina, 20-Year Trends in Incidence, Mortality and Survival. Including actionable goals and objectives, the plan is designed to highlight opportunities to prevent new cases of cancer, improve the treatment and ease the suffering of those with cancer, and spur community action to enact policies and regulations that decrease the cancer burden.

“Our previous state cancer plans, along with our 20-year report, give us a real portrait of cancer in South Carolina,” said Henry Wells, executive director of the SC Cancer Alliance. “We’ve had a measurable impact in guiding cancer prevention and control efforts so far. For example, we’ve seen significantly favorable, downward trends in colorectal cancer making it clear that strong prevention and control efforts have impact. By implementing strategies based on the collected evidence, we can continue to save lives and reduce the suffering of South Carolinians touched by cancer.”

The Alliance continually seeks new members to help implement community initiatives generated from the SC Cancer Plan. Professionals associated with cancer care — as well as individuals who are interested in volunteering to serve in one of the workgroups — can sign up at www.sccancer.org/join-us.

Founded in 2003, the SC Cancer Alliance is a multi-disciplinary network bringing cancer prevention practices and life-enhancing resources to everyone in the state. In partnership with SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this collaborative of cancer experts, community organizations and dedicated volunteers develops, implements and funds the SC Cancer Plan. To view the 2022-2027 SC Cancer Plan, review the 20-year cancer trends report or gain more information about the SC Cancer Alliance, visit www.sccancer.org.

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