A Virtual Challenge is Raising Money for COVID19 Relief Efforts

COVID19 cases throughout South Carolina and around the world have steadily been on the rise. Opportunities for community involvement have remained limited, and many events are still on hold until further notice. Slowing the spread of COVID19 as we head into flu season and the holidays is as important as ever, but staying healthy means more than just staying virus-free.

Are you looking for ways to stay active during these unprecedented times? Are you trying to find a way to assist with COVID19 Relief, but unsure of where to begin? Have you been struggling to find a way to connect with your community while maintaining social distance?

You aren’t alone- Conquering COVID19 is the solution.

Conquering COVID19 has developed a virtual challenge that provides you an opportunity to get active during social distancing. The challenge can be done anywhere, at any time- and proceeds will be donated to COVID19 Relief organizations to assist with food insecurity, job loss, health concerns (both mental and physical), and education.

Participants choose their activity (running, biking, walking, skate boarding, skipping, or roller blading- creative exercise is both welcomed and encouraged) and choose a personal challenge for the number of miles to be completed. Then, they set a date and tackle their goals individually or as a household. Registrants receive a t-shirt and are encouraged to share their stories and experience by engaging with the community through social media (and using the hashtag #conqueringcovid19).

“We are excited to provide an opportunity for the community to rally together in support of COVID19 relief efforts, even if we can’t gather together as a large group at this time. After months stuck at home with little to do and limited trips out of the home, people are wishing that they could do just about anything to help get the world through this crisis. And not knowing when the pandemic will end has contributed to an overall unease. Exercise naturally relieves that tension, is good for overall health, and with this challenge, allows the participants to be a part of a group once again. This group won’t meet in person- but, mile by mile, it will bring the community closer to the other side of this crisis,” said Rachel Price, the founder of the challenge.

For more information, contact Conquering COVID19 via email at info@conqueringcovid19.org.

Background: Conquering COVID19

Conquering COVID19 was started to make a difference in the fight against COVID19. Fundamentally, the mission is to help with the significant challenges the world is facing as a result of this pandemic: Food insecurity, Job loss, Health concerns (both mental and physical), Education, and so much more.

Conquering COVID19 believes that staying active is an integral part of staying healthy- but the novel corona virus has presented unique challenges to staying active as a community. Group gatherings are all incredibly limited or have been called off all together- making it past time to get creative to get active for personal health and well-being. Running, roller blading, walking, biking, or skipping are just a few options to keep moving- just be sure to maintain social distancing standards! No gym membership or official start lines are necessary!

People are social by nature, but so much of that rich community in our society has been tested by COVID19. We can't gather in groups, go out to eat together, or celebrate special occasions in the same ways that we used to. But that won't stop us from supporting one another! Complete your virtual challenge and post about it on social media using #conqueringcovid19 (and don't forget to tag us @conqueringcovid19). We may not be gathering at the start line together, but we will cross the finish line as one community, Conquering COVID19!

To learn more about Conquering COVID19, visit www.conqueringcovid19.org, Facebook/conqueringcovid19, and Instagram/conqueringcovid19.

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