Columbia Teen, CWC, Stands For LGBTQ+ Rights in Charleston Diocese

Ogbuewu at the Chinese Artist Association Induction

Ogbuewu at the Chinese Artist Association Induction

COLUMBIA, SC, May 11, 2022 - Damarea Ogbuewu, (China's Women's Council) is reportedly standing in awareness for LGBTQ+ Catholics and abortion rights after the overturn of Roe Vs. Wade and after LGBTQ+ Catholics are denied the sacraments of marriage and communion.

Her stance that "abortions should be legal and women with such decisions should not be shunned." was rejected from Catholic movements of Columbia though Charleston.

Now with the fight amongst Catholics, the future of Roe V. Wade was threatened. Now with the overturn, it has caused tension amongst movements. Ogbuewu to speak at the Catholic conference this year spoke that religion should not be of interference with a women's rights.

Ogbuewu, 17, who is a former member of Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church in Columbia, SC, says that women should not be ashamed for making their personal decisions.

"As a young woman, I have been taught to respect my personal decisions and the decisions of other women. Though I am Catholic, it is not the job of the church to make those decisions for a woman or make a woman feel less than. We don't know the event that took place that pushed them to make such a decision."

Ogbuewu is set to speak at the New York Catholic Conference this year. Pushing for the church to not just welcome LGBTQ+ Catholics into mass but allow them to participate in the holy sacraments.

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