Duck Creek-Focused Insurtech Firm Gains Six New Customers in Six Months

Columbia, SC. August 25, 2021 – Yovant LLC, implementer of Duck Creek Technologies, has experienced rapid growth in 2021. Entering into engagements with six new customers in just six months, Yovant’s success is due in large part to attracting experienced and accomplished practitioners who want to work with a company focused exclusively on the Duck Creek Platform.

“Yovant is uniquely qualified to maximize Duck Creek investment and minimize customization,” explains founder and CEO Sam McGuckin. “Our early growth has been amazing. We have received nearly 200 inquiries from professionals who want to further enhance their Duck Creek skills and advance their careers. In today’s climate we see more demand than qualified professionals to meet the demand, we are thrilled to be recognized as a firm that can help these practitioners meet their professional goals.”

Because Yovant was founded by well-known insurtech, and particularly Duck Creek, executives, it is no surprise that software engineers and architects are attracted to the firm. It is also no surprise that insurance companies aiming to implement the industry-leading technology want to work a team that is knowledgeable and experienced with the platform. Paul Manning, who was the lead executive responsible for designing and building the Duck Creek billing system during his tenure as chief architect with Duck Creek, has been on the front lines since co-founding Yovant. Manning states, “What I hear from customers and prospective customers is that they need to implement the system in the fastest, most effective way possible. That’s why they choose to work with Yovant. They are familiar with the work we [Manning, McGuckin, and partner Prabir Panda] have done throughout our careers and our decades of exclusive focus on this technology. They know our engineers and architects are deeply knowledgeable about the platform. And with the rapid changes that result from digitalization and modernization, insurers face the imperative of maximizing their IT investments to gain competitive advantages and sustain long-term viability.”

Yovant senior analyst Jessica Kearse works directly with customers and understands these objectives. Kearse is a highly-sought-after professional with deep Duck Creek experience. “I chose to work with Yovant although I had opportunities with multiple insurance solution providers,” states Kearse. “I began my insurtech career working with and implementing this platform. I have worked with Sam, Prabir and Paul in the past and no one in insurtech knows this technology and how to maximize its use better than these guys and the team they have put together thus far. I mean, Paul Manning built the system! And Sam and Prabir built a very successful company focused on it, which I was fortunate to be a part of,” says Kearse. Sam and Prabir and Yovant’s seasoned technicians have extensive experience with Duck Creek solutions. In short, it is recognized in insurtech that Yovant’s folks are the trusted “go to” Duck Creek services providers.

According to Panda, Yovant’s success can be attributed to two major factors. “First, we know the system, we were major contributors in the development of the system, we have spent years implementing the system and we have very skilled technicians that are focused exclusively on this system,” begins Panda. “Second, our project teams are top notch. In addition to Duck Creek knowledge and experience, they are truly driven to ensure our customers are recognizing the absolute maximum value from their use of the technology. We are very fortunate that the industry’s top Duck Creek professionals have approached us about working with us. This is what makes Yovant successful.”

About Yovant

Yovant is a distinguished Duck Creek implementer, leading the way to successful digital enterprise integration. Yovant’s founders were the first to bring Duck Creek implementations to the P&C market and its team is made up of practitioners with deep platform experience. Yovant combines leadership and success with innovative and modern, blending top industry executives with accomplished emerging leaders with the knowledge, skill and drive to successfully implement the Duck Creek technologies so that insurers achieve maximum value using the platform. For more information about Yovant, visit

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