FatRat Da Czar and Boo Hag perform live show at Columbia’s Art Bar this Friday, October 5

COLUMBIA, SC – October 1, 2018 – South Carolina hip-hop legend FatRat Da Czar is set to perform along with Columbia’s own swamp-punk duo Boo Hag as they welcome Atlanta garage rock band Subsonics to Art Bar this Friday, October 5.

As Boo Hag drummer Scotty Tempo explains, the idea for the show first originated when he and guitarist Saul Seibert invited Subsonics to Columbia.

“The Subsonics have been playing since the early ‘90s out of Atlanta, and they’re somebody we’ve been wanting to bring to town and do a show with,” says Tempo. “Once we got that going, we wanted to add somebody who always brings their A-game on stage. Right away, we knew that was FatRat.”

The upcoming Art Bar show is an opportunity for Czar and Boo Hag to each perform freshly released music. FatRat Da Czar’s seventh studio album, ETHX, will be going live across all digital platforms on October 5, and Boo Hag will be dropping their latest new 45 at the show.

Although considered an unlikely pairing by some, Seibert explains the natural connection between punk band Boo Hag and hip-hop artist FatRat Da Czar:

“If you’re a band for any length of time in Columbia and have reached a certain momentum, you start thinking seriously about who you play with and you develop relationships along the way. About two years ago, FatRat and I spent some time together at the Jam Room, and a natural friendship evolved. We mutually respect each other’s art and there’s a kindredness and an immediate chemistry that made us friends. For us, this show is really about wanting to do art together.”

Describing Boo Hag’s new 45, Seibert says, “This project is a tip of the hat to people who have followed us for the last three years. It’s an album of fan favorites that Scott and I started out with and continue to play live, but that have never been properly captured before. I feel like it’s us taking a bow and saying, ‘We appreciate you and thank you. All of these songs have been important to us, but now we’re going to tear the ceiling down and build something new.’”

Similarly, Czar’s album ETHX is also described as the start of a new era. Building upon his substantial body of work, ETHX (pronounced “Ethics”) is FatRat Da Czar’s seventh studio album and his first since Da Cold War 3, which released in 2012. Czar describes ETHX as an opportunity to re-center before launching the next phase of his career.

“ETHX is the foundational piece to this next stretch,” says Czar. “ETHX is me reconnecting with my music, which is the critical first step in the next phase of this journey.”

Unofficially dubbing the October 5 event as the “FYF” (F*** Your Feelings) show, Seibert notes, “As you start looking around the pool of veterans in Columbia’s music scene, you land on FatRat. We’re still babies on the scene with three years in, but I think Columbia is poised for an explosion in the arts. And if you gather the right artists and if you’re any good at all, then you can actually build something. So whether you like Boo Hag or you like FatRat, together we’re setting a standard that says: ‘This is how it has to be, so f*** your feelings.’”

Doors open at 8. $7 cover charge. For more details, visit the Facebook event page.


FatRat Da Czar Bio:

As South Carolina’s godfather of hip-hop, FatRat Da Czar’s music career has spanned over two decades. In addition to opening for Lauryn Hill at Famously Hot New Year in 2015, Czar has opened for national acts that include Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg, and Bone-Thugs-In-Harmony. At the Boom Room, the hip-hop focused enclave of South Carolina's legendary Jam Room Recording Studio, FatRat Da Czar has engineered sessions for artists ranging from KRS-One to Kevin Gates.

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