GoGetTested Offers Free FDA-Approved COVID-19 Testing in Columbia, South Carolina

Public-Private Consortium Makes COVID-19 Testing Accessible to South Carolina Residents, Offering Test Results Within 48 Hours

COLUMBIA, S.C. (October 28, 2020) – GoGetTested, the first end-to-end COVID-19 testing and results management solution in the country, today announced the availability of its FDA-approved, “gold-standard” PCR COVID-19 testing in Columbia, South Carolina. In a nationwide push to offer fast, easy and accessible COVID-19 testing for all, GoGetTested will open its Covid Response Operating System and mobile testing sites throughout the city. All tests are free for South Carolina residents, regardless of whether they are insured, since the state is covering the costs. Those without health insurance can also receive free testing through the CARES Act.

“With a surge in new cases across the nation, city officials in Columbia are actively seeking ways to stay ahead of the curve, including new business safety measures and mask ordinances, in addition to more widespread and rapid testing,” said WellHealth CEO Ahmad Gaber, one of the founding partners of GoGetTested. “We’re offering the only turnkey solution that delivers a seamless and secure COVID-19 testing experience, from scheduling, check-in and results delivery to clinical interactions.”

As of Wednesday, October 28, residents in South Carolina can now schedule a test in seconds, complete the test in minutes at one of the testing sites and have their results delivered via text or email within a couple of days. By using a unique mobile testing approach, GoGetTested has quickly expanded its geographical reach, especially in rural areas, and can swiftly deploy testing in COVID-19 hotspots.

“In anticipation of the convergence of the seasonal flu and COVID-19 cases this fall and winter, we want to make it easier for South Carolinians to get tested--especially those who may have been exposed to the virus,” said Gaber. “We will also be deploying additional healthcare services once COVID-19 vaccines are available, as well as general symptoms checks and provider consults, to help keep our communities open and safe.”

GoGetTested was launched as a semi-public, semi-private industry consortium with founding partners from precision primary care startup WellHealth, Silicon Valley-based healthcare fintech startup Wellpay among other private company partners. To date, they have delivered over 110,000 COVID-19 tests and have the ability to continue testing at a rate of tens of thousands per day. GoGetTested is currently serving residents in Texas, Florida and South Carolina, and will expand testing to Nevada, Arizona, Missouri and other states in the coming weeks.

For more information on scheduling a test, visit www.gogettested.com.

About GoGetTested

GoGetTested is the first national, digitally enabled test scheduling to result management platform in the country. Its complete end-to-end COVID-19 testing experience will help keep the nation’s communities and economies open and safe. GoGetTested was founded as a unique public-private consortium of government, clinical, technology, lab, research and retail partners, including WellHealth and Wellpay, among other companies. Its Covid-19 response units ensure geographical reach to rural areas and fast activation in virus hotspots. Testing is free for anyone and provides the most complete, adaptive and secure testing services nationwide.

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