Governor’s School Makes Bold Curriculum Changes

The Board of Trustees of the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics (GSSM) recently approved the most significant change to the school’s curriculum in recent years.

By a unanimous vote at its January 31st meeting in Hartsville, the Board approved the school’s plan to provide students in its residential program stronger ability to pursue topics of interest to them and to promote deeper engagement with the uniquely advanced courses available in the school’s catalog.

Senior Vice President for Residential Mr. Danny Dorsel told the Board that the school community had worked hard to create a proposal that would be appealing to current and prospective students seeking advanced exposure to fields they aspire to pursue in college and beyond. “I was pleased by the passionate conversations among our students, teachers, and administrators that brought us to this proposal.”

Starting in the Fall of 2019, GSSM residential students can choose their path through the school’s STEM curriculum, allowing them easier access to the most advanced science courses taught at GSSM. Or, they can choose a traditional foundations approach, developing a solid grounding in each of the scientific disciplines. The choice will be theirs.

“Governor’s School students are motivated and deliberate about what they are learning,” said GSSM President Dr. Hector Flores. “When students take the lead in creating the path of their learning journey, they bring to classes the excitement and commitment that comes with following your dreams.”

As part of GSSM’s 2018 Strategic Plan, these changes set the stage for students to move farther along in a discipline than they may have been able to before. Prospective colleges will be able to get a better idea of where a student’s interests and abilities lie when they see successful completion of very advanced coursework in a field.

Students who crave academic challenges and early college experiences, but who have not wanted to leave home, will find the ability to choose a deep dive into an academic specialty an especially attractive feature of the Governor’s School.

The changes approved by today’s Board action will become effective in the upcoming fall semester and will impact both new and returning students in GSSM’s residential program.

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