How to Export Biz Wire Posts to a Word Document

Here are the steps to export your posts and photos to a Word document to give you more control over which posts get exported for editing.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress site, then go to Posts

Just click on the word Posts on your WordPress dashboard as outlined in red in the screen capture below.

Step 2: Filter the posts you want to export

For Example, you might click PUBLISHED and choose JULY 2019 and then hit the FILTER button to show all published posts from July 2019.

Step 3: Select the posts you want to export.

You can select all posts (first screen capture below) or you can select individual posts to export (second screen capture below)

Step 4: From the BULK ACTION drop-down menu, select ASPOSE EXPORT TO FILE and click APPLY.

That will send everything to a .DOC file, including photos. You can save it to your desktop or to Dropbox.