Intramed Plus Helps Limit Patients Exposure to COVID-19 by Keeping Them Home and Out of Hospitals during Pandemic

Columbia, South Carolina, April 20, 2020 - Keeping patients home right now, either by collaborating with healthcare systems and physicians to get patients discharged more quickly or preventing their admission in the first place, is allowing hospitals to focus more resources on the massive influx of COVID-19 patients, said Dr. Varner Richards, President and CEO of Intramed Plus.

The availability of skilled, compassionate, safe delivery of infusion services to patients in their homes, rather than in large medical centers, has never been more critical.

Patients with a range of issues – from dangerous infections and compromised immune systems to nutritional deficiencies – receive their care from a team of dedicated professionals whose high standards were in place long before the coronavirus struck.

“These best practices of patient safety and compassionate care have been embedded in our work since Intramed Plus was created nearly 30 years ago,” said Dr. Richards, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Home Infusion Association.

Intramed Plus is ramping up its efforts to serve the medical community and patients in several other ways during the pandemic by working directly with medical practices to help patients avoid a visit to a doctor’s office, emergency room, or a hospital admission. This includes taking an innovative step in patient care by offering virtual interactive patient training sessions and the development of a patient assistance program to help cover costs associated with home infusion therapies.

Additional efforts include collaborating with local hospitals to provide critically needed hand sanitizers, meals to frontline healthcare workers and employees joining forces with local organizations to make much need Personal Protective Equipment, homemade cloth masks.

“We’ve always been committed to providing exceptional, patient-focused infusion care with an emphasis on optimal patient experience and clinical outcomes,” Dr. Richards said. “We’re privileged to be able serve in such an important role in a critical time, and we’ll continue to seek ways to do more.”

About Intramed Plus
Intramed Plus provides an array of infusion services for patients in South Carolina in-home and in our three Infusion & Medical Centers in West Columbia, North Charleston and Greenville, SC. For nearly 30 years, our team of pharmacists, nurse clinicians, nutritionists, intake specialists, delivery drivers and patient support personnel have used best practices to help our patients achieve positive outcomes while avoiding or limiting hospitalization.

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