Political Attack Turned into Positive Engagement Opportunity

SC Cannabis Association announces rally to educate public and defend those standing up for medical marijuana patients

(Charleston, SC) – Tens-of-thousands of South Carolinians received an anonymous and silly mailer this week attacking State Senator Tom Davis on the very serious issue of medical cannabis. This event is being held to support the real people who are suffering.

“Medical cannabis isn't about Hawaiian shirts and girls in bikinis. It's about kids having seizures while their crying parents hold them. It's about people dying in pain from cancer. We are using this opportunity while our opponents have your attention with silliness to rally the troops around real South Carolinians who are suffering.  We're embracing the silliness to show you the serious nature of this debate.” - SC Senator Tom Davis

By announcing this upcoming rally on 4/20, the SC Cannabis Association intends to use this political attack as an opportunity for positive engagement – to educate the public and to defend those willing to stand up and support the important issues of medical marijuana.

Already, the mailer against Sen. Tom Davis has sparked a backlash among several state lawmakers, decrying the effort for its untruthfulness and use of anonymous dark money:

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South Carolina Cannabis Association
Founded as a membership organization, SCCA’s aim is to serve as a business resource for the South Carolina legislature, to advance a sensible and fair approach to South Carolina’s emerging marijuana regulatory framework, and to protect the rights of medical marijuana patients and their families.

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