SCWS Alumni Andrew and Josiah Vice graduate college, begin careers in building arts

Columbia, SC - Brothers Andrew and Josiah Vice began their tenure at SCWS during our first year in 2011-2012, graduating in 2015 with honors. While at SCWS, Andrew and Josiah both dual enrolled at Trident Technical College, earning at least 18 credits each. After graduation, both brothers were accepted at the American College of Building Arts in Charleston.

Upon acceptance, Josiah was the youngest student at the American College of Building Arts. He later transferred to the Hereford College of the Arts in Hereford, England where he recently graduated with distinction. The head of their modern design department recruited him to attend University there and major in Contemporary Design Craft. He has traveled to Manchester, Liverpool, London, Amsterdam, Florence, and Rome this year and is looking forward to three more years of learning from the best in product and space design. Josiah is currently in England for a summer internship with Urban Electric Company.

Andrew Vice graduated last month from the American College of Building Arts with a Bachelors of Applied Science with a specialization in timber framing. He is currently working for Chehaw River Woodworks in Mt. Pleasant, for whom he interned his freshman year. In January, he will go to work for a custom timber framer in Virginia. He also teaches spoon carving, bowl carving and timber framing at skills event like the Firefly Gathering in Asheville.
Andrew and Josiah’s mother, Elizabeth, said SCWS was the right choice for her sons:

“SC Whitmore School was the best high school education for my children. It combined mastery-based learning. Getting by wasn’t an option. Their flexibility with classes allowed my sons to take two years of college classes while completing high school. The staff was responsive and adjusted to the quirks of our family’s schedule and the educational bend of our sons. They still required self-discipline and academic rigor be developed in my sons. Our older son received scholarships to the college of his choice and graduated with his bachelors of applied science and now has his dream job. Our younger son is in England studying and is excelling in the rigorous British system. SC Whitmore isn’t a back-up plan school. It should be considered a primary choice for a quality high school education for students who hunger for knowledge.”

Founded in 2011, SCWS is a tuition-free virtual public charter school offering a personalized mastery-based academic environment to students who don’t fit the traditional brick and mortar environment. For more information visit:

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