Shani Raine Gilchrist joins Truman National Security Project’s class of 2024 as Political Partner

Shani Raine Gilchrist, principal at SRG Strategic Consulting and Political Partner at Truman National Security Project

COLUMBIA, S.C.—Shani Raine Gilchrist, a humanitarian advocate, writer, and consultant based in South Carolina, has been selected to join the Truman National Security Project’s class of 2024 as a Political Partner. The Truman National Security Project is a renowned community of national security professionals working together to make the world safer.

As a Political Partner, Gilchrist will work alongside a nationwide community of leaders to develop smart, equitable, effective, and nonpartisan American global leadership solutions that reinforce national security. Gilchrist's selection is a testament to her extensive experience and expertise advocating for causes such as the arts, refugee assistance, and global food security.

Gilchrist brings a comprehensive understanding of the critical issues affecting not only South Carolina but also the world at large. She is committed to raising awareness about critical national security, foreign policy, and public diplomacy issues in South Carolina, which plays a crucial role in the national security and foreign policy of the United States due to its natural resources, port system, and global reach and relationships of its citizens.

With an extensive and bipartisan network of contacts at various levels of state and federal government, legislators, donors, and activists, Gilchrist has been able to bring attention and action to some of the world's most pressing issues. She is honored to be part of the Truman National Security Project. She is looking forward to working with her classmates to make a positive impact in South Carolina and beyond.

About Truman: The Truman National Security Project is a vibrant, diverse, nationwide community of leaders leveraging the power of the Truman network to develop smart national security solutions that reinforce strong, just, and effective American global leadership. Our community includes more than 2,500 veterans, frontline civilians, policy experts, political professionals, and their allies who share a common vision of US leadership abroad. We hail from 16 Chapters and 47 different states across the nation. We believe that America is at its best when we use all the tools in our toolbox: diplomacy, defense, development, and democracy promotion.

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