South Carolina-Based NovaFerrum Marks Two Millionth Sale

NovaFerrum offers aa full line of natural and highly effective iron supplements specially formulated to work well, be more easily absorbed and minimize the tough side effects associated with other iron supplements

Recommended by doctors and consumers alike, NovaFerrum combines natural ingredients, proven clinical efficacy and unsurpassed patient compliance for preemies to seniors

South Carolina-based NovaFerrum, the ONLY over-the-counter iron supplement clinically proven to be safe, effective and well-tolerated through a multi-year clinical study, has recently sold its two millionth bottle. Widely recommended by physicians and pharmacists and used by happy customers across the globe, NovaFerrum offers a complete line of natural and highly effective iron supplements specially formulated to work well, be more easily absorbed and minimize the gastrointestinal side effects like constipation and stomach pain often caused by other iron supplements. NovaFerrum infant and children’s liquid iron products were developed to be pleasant tasting, in direct contrast to other liquid iron supplements, which are notoriously foul-tasting and almost unpalatable to many children and have led to high non-compliance with dosing regimens.

The ultimate Cinderella story, NovaFerrum was originally developed in 2008 by Patrick Monsivais, a father with a background in pharmaceuticals struggling to help his infant daughter get the iron she desperately needed but refused to take. Following consultation with medical professionals and other parents, he learned that his experience and frustration with the currently available iron supplement options was not unique. After years of clinical trials, legal and Food and Drug Administration filings, efforts to perfect the patent-pending formulation, and working tirelessly to develop relationships with supply chain partners, NovaFerrum products are now recommended widely by pediatricians, hematologists and general practitioners and sold in select pharmacies and direct-to-consumers through, with rave reviews.

As a direct result of the founder’s background in healthcare and perspective as a concerned parent and unlike many of its competitors, NovaFerrum products are rooted in science, physician insight, pharmaceutical know-how and empathy, and its products offer the ideal source of iron for infants, children, adolescents, adults, athletes. seniors and anyone hoping to take better care of themselves.

NovaFerrum is a family-owned pharmaceutical company whose products are meticulously sourced and manufactured in the United States using best-in-class providers and high-quality natural ingredients people can actually pronounce, like grape, monk fruit, chocolate, raspberry and, of course, iron. The company is also proud to offer vegan-verified, non-GMO, certified gluten-free, Halal and Kosher options to fit nearly every need and dietary restriction.

With more than 13,000 five-star reviews on Amazon from parents and adults who take NovaFerrum themselves, the product’s benefits speak for themselves. In fact, words like “lifesaving” and “god-send” are used quite frequently. The company’s market share continues to grow rapidly, allowing the small, privately owned company to compete with large and well-funded vitamin and supplement conglomerates and big pharma.

The company has achieved the two-million bottle sold milestone with minimal advertising, relying almost exclusively on doctor recommendations and word of mouth, and the market has clearly taken notice of this little company that could.

“In a crowded sector with minimal oversight and many players making competing claims, NovaFerrum has consistently gone the extra mile in terms of sourcing the highest-quality ingredients, addressing the needs of users, using the optimal mixture of natural and minimal chemistry formulations, and, most importantly, in being the only iron supplement brand to test and validate our products through a multi-year clinical trial which found NovaFerrum to be safe, effective and well-tolerated,” said NovaFerrum Founder and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Monsivais.

“We believe that the science behind our product, our very personal and singular family commitment to addressing the serious and pervasive problem of iron deficiency and our attention to every detail are directly responsible for the millions of sales and thousands of five-star reviews we’ve earned, as well as the adoption and recommendation of our products by countless medical professionals,” he expanded. “We know firsthand that even the best supplements won’t work if people won’t take them. We are proud that the solution we developed to this common and pressing problem has helped two million families just like ours increase their health and quality of life, and we look forward to helping millions more.”

For more information about NovaFerrum and its products, please visit or through Amazon: NovaFerrum also invites doctors and customers to engage with its content and insights and share their experienced with the products through the company’s social channels on Instagram and Facebook.

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