SRNS Surpasses 15 Million Injury-Free Work Hours

AIKEN, S.C. (July 18) – The Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) workforce surpassed a significant safety milestone on July 17, marking more than 15 million safe work hours without a single lost day of work due to injury at the Savannah River Site (SRS).

This achievement is the second time the company has surpassed 15 million work hours without a lost day due to an on-the-job injury since becoming the management and operations contractor at SRS nearly 10 years ago.

“SRNS’ safety culture is far more meaningful than simply completing a task injury free. This workforce understands that safety equates to the well-being of their peers who have friends and loved ones relying on them to come home in the same condition they left for work, every day. We take safety seriously, not only because it ensures operational quality but because we care about each other,” said Stuart MacVean, SRNS President and CEO.

For many, the long-held safety culture legacy at SRS is tangible. It is a way of life that is passed down from generation to generation, from full-time employee to new interns gaining valuable experience before entering the job market for the first time.

“The SRNS safety culture has not only benefited me while at work, but also at home. Preparedness for field work, and evaluation of risk has helped me to be more aware in my activities outside of the site, and is a good practice that I can take with me into my future career. I feel honored to be surrounded by people so focused on safety,” said Tannar Singer, Junior, Biochemical Engineering, University of Georgia.

SRNS is responsible for some of the most hazardous work conducted at SRS, from nuclear materials management to site infrastructure. According to MacVean, no task is considered, “routine”.

“We challenge ourselves and each other to ensure that every task we complete is done through a safety lens, it is a commitment that applies in all of our diverse work environments. We embrace a proven system of safety analysis and continuous improvement that provides a firm foundation for the safe completion of our work.”

SRNS’ safety culture extends beyond the well-known nuclear operations housed in some of the nation’s one-of-a-kind facilities at SRS. Safety also encompasses the environmental cleanup of Cold War operations and the ongoing monitoring and protection of the surrounding area. Likewise, site security is an equally important element to achieving a strong safety culture.

“Although our safety record showcases our commitment to personal safety, it also represents the rigorous focus our workforce maintains to achieve safety in the broader sense, this includes environmental stewardship and the safety and security of the site, the community, and our nation,” said MacVean.

The SRNS workforce has earned more than 120 safety related awards and recognitions since 2008. The company’s safety milestone represents 512 days without an injury resulting in a lost day of work.

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