Stage Play Shines Light On Mental Illness And Health

COLUMBIA, S.C. - January. 28, 2019- -- Playwrights Danny L & Dee Dee M. Scott shines a light on mental illness and mental health in their upcoming stage play, My Husband's Woman. Playing Tapps Arts Center 1644 Main Street., Columbia South Carolina 29223 on Saturday, March 2ndth, 2019. My Husband's Woman shares the tale of lead character, Alexandra, and her ups and downs dealing with mental illness which, when left untreated, lead to a devastating conclusion. The Scott's, South Carolina natives, have been writing stage plays and films collaboratively since 2009.

"My Husband's Woman," based off the Amazon best-selling book of the same name, is about Alexandra and Byron, a married couple who appear to have a perfect union. However, Byron is hiding a horrific secret from his wife, that when discovered, pushes her over the edge.

The production earned the Scott's, The Golden Pen Playwright Award and has toured the Town Theatre in Columbia, Francis Marion University, the Columbia Museum of Art, University Of South Carolina Nettles Auditorium and recently Tapps Arts Center June 16th 2018 to a sold-out crowd with standing ovation at the end.

The Scott's credit Jehovah God and the fact that they write from both male and female perspectives as the reasons their past productions have resonated with theatergoers.

"We wanted to shine the light on mental illness," Dee Dee said. "We used our art with talent to not only entertain, but show what can happen if mental illness is left untreated."

"Mental health is just as important as physical health." Danny said. "We wanted to address the mental health stigma and get people to thinking. Mental health is an issue in the African American Community that is sometimes swept under the rug. But it is real, and if left untreated, can be tragic.

About The Scotts

Danny L. Scott is a director, producer, screenwriter, and CEO of Howling Film. With over fifteen years of experience in film, Scott has directed several projects and has been recognized for his body of work in filmmaking and directing. Scott's latest film: Lake House was named one of ten most anticipated horror films. Author Dee Dee M. Scott is a best-selling romance author. Her book, My Husband's Woman reached #1 on the US Amazon Kindle Bestseller's list. Dee Dee's follow-up novel, Sent From Heaven was also a #1 contemporary romance Amazon bestseller along with follow-ups to the, Sent From Heaven Series- two and three. In 2011, The Husband and wife team joined perspectives to create a real-to-life stage play (My Husband's Woman) told from the view of a man and a woman. The outcome is a theater production unlike any other with sharp dialogue, laugh-out-loud moments and twists at every turn. My Husband's Woman stage play continues to tour and focuses on a theme most are afraid to delve into. However, the Scotts have mastered the art of a complicated plot-twisting tale that is sure to leave an indelible mark on the brain.

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