Tapp’s to present two immersive exhibitions during February First Thursday on Main Street.

-The Crystal Cave, a solo exhibition by Thomas the Younger
-The Beautiful Lie featuring a collaboration between Demetrius 6ixx Similien and Sunday Morning.

[Columbia, SC | February 7th through March 1st, 2019; Opening reception February 7th, 6pm-9pm]

Tapp’s is thrilled to announce two exhibitions opening February 7, 2019 during First Thursday on Main. Thomas the Younger and Demetrius (6ixx) Similien will each install immersive installations in the main gallery. Thomas the Younger will present a semi-autobiographical exhibition about his journey as an artist and social activist. Presenting his paintings in a setting inspired by Mary Stewart's fantasy novel, The Crystal Cave, Thomas invites the visitor to journey with him down a path to self-awareness and social consciousness.
As Thomas the Younger's exhibition is an exercise in introspection, Demtrius 6ixx Similien's exhibition is an incisive evaluation of the external social stimuli that (mis)shapes our collective world views. Featuring video works and paintings, pop culture imagery will be employed to offer alternative social narratives to the audience.

About The Crystal Cave:

The Crystal Cave is a rite of passage tale of Merlin, magical advisor to Kind Arthur. Merlin's young life is permeated with ridicule and isolation, but he perseveres while journeying through the steps and missteps of life.

In the story, Merlin retreats frequently to a crystal cave to discover revelations about the world, humanity and himself, and it is this facet which struck a chord with Thomas the Younger. His youthful experiences mirrored the hardships of Merlin, and, while he searched for his own answers, art became Thomas' 'Crystal Cave'.

Thomas the Younger states, "Artists chronicle the journeys of Humanity. -Cave paintings; pottery shards; cuneiform in clay; a figure in marble--the task, always, of capturing a past or present...and perhaps influencing a future. Thus, I seek to vivify (and revivify) the wearied minds of beholders. To tell tales, and weave well in the telling. To dream a Tomorrow. And enrich a Now. ...draw nigh, comrade, that i might show you a place most peculiar! it's right next to this one, actually--it is, but it has been somewhat hidden. come."

His story will be presented in the gallery featuring Afro-futurist fantasy pantings and an immersive installation re-creating the crystal cave, allowing visitors the opportunity to discover their own truths.

About the Artist:
"Perhaps the most important pursuit of an artist is the facilitation of Escapism. Perhaps each project is the equivalent of a Narnian door…or that lamppost beyond, coaxing a wanderer into another realm." ​

Thomas Washington Jr. (Thomas the Younger) functions on this premise. Since his childhood, he has produced multitudinous works in this vein—from being hired to illustrate a local graphic anthology, to bringing stories in every medium to light. He strives to breathe life into the fantastical by imbuing it with the familiar…and, of course, to find fun and fulfillment along the way.​ He thus entertains all sorts of bizarre notions—the importance of world peace, an unshakeable belief in fundamental similarities that make Humanity one big family, intense opinions on interstellar travel, and so-forth. Recently, he took the leap of emerging in his local scene. Joining panel talks and instructor rosters for community arts centers, exhibiting his work, He’s unabashedly joined the dialogue of art’s role In society.

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