Tech Innovation Supports Real Estate

It’s no exaggeration to say that technology has transformed real estate. Information is key, and technology has played a huge role in increasing access to it. Thanks to internet-enabled tools, it’s now possible to get real-time market estimates, track, aggregate and analyze data, and present detailed assessments to customers. It’s completely changed how the real estate industry does business compared to just two decades ago.

These tools did not simply come into being with the advent of the internet. Certainly, web technology made them possible, but their creation required insightful entrepreneurship to realize their utilization in real estate and bring these services to market. It’s an excellent example of tech innovation at work and goes a long way in illustrating why a strong technology sector so important. There’s a huge gulf between the possible and the practical, and innovation is the key to bridging it.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that our economic policies don’t just focus on invention, but also support the broader process of innovation that refines and improves technology so that everyone can benefit. Pro-tech policies which incentivize smart risk-taking and the pursuit of greater goals is essential to this process, and implementing them will be key to our economy’s future success.

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