The 3 “Ls” of Workplace Wellness


Columbia, SC - Even before the days of the canary in the coal mine, people knew that where they worked could be hazardous to their health. Awareness led to action --- but at a slow pace.

Over seventy years ago it was a topic of conversation, fifty-odd-years ago OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was established and after almost twenty years of OSHA investigating, the dangers of asbestos and lead paint were finally acknowledged. By the mid-1990s the phrase "sick building syndrome" was common. And concerns that had begun to emerge decades earlier were spawning a new industry: workplace wellness.

Today "Workplace Wellness" is a multi-billion-dollar trinity of Legislation, Litigation, and Lifestyles.

Legislation has outlawed the use of dangerous substances such as asbestos and lead paints, and OSHA mandated on-site safety measures specify the contents of first aid kits. When those are violated and damages occur, the all-American solution of Litigation kicks in with lawsuits that can result in big dollar awards or settlement.

“Lifestyles have created the most response”. said VisionAire.Solutions founder Chad Shealy "with perks meant to reassure employees that their well-being is a priority.”

With programs for everything from addiction to weight loss, gym memberships to stress management classes, employers try to say "we care about your health". But those same benefits can raise concerns about invasions of privacy and workplace discrimination.

Physical and mental health can impact job performance, productivity, and ultimately profits, but so far, “little attention has been paid to the actual physical work environment. The single most important factor in a healthy environment, air quality, which is also often the most ignored” said Mr Shealy founder of VisionAire Solutions in Columbia South Carolina area.

Shealy says he is on a mission to educate people about the importance of air quality to their health. He comments that the use of masks during the pandemic was a wakeup call but was cosmetic, not a cure. “Clean air is fundamental for good health. We have both the responsibility and the technology to make sure it is a workplace benefit.”

VisionAire provides Air purification products for the Southeast United States. Representing many manufacturers to provide the best solutions for a healthy environment to both Commercial and residential clients. VisionAire is a family owned business in the Greater Columbia SC area.


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