Zelite Solutions has partnered with PEG for its custom Document Management System Services.

Prior to now, businesses faced fewer problems.
Technology has so much impact on virtually all areas of modern business that organizations are grappling with how to best manage the workday. By introducing document management software into your organization, you may eliminate one of the most significant consequences that contemporary technology has had on business operations: the extinction of paper documents.
The database-supported management of various electronic records is defined as centralized document management systems.

There is a wide range of modern document management systems available, ranging from small, stand-alone systems to large, enterprise-wide systems that serve a global audience. Many document management solutions allow you to electronically incorporate traditional physical document filing processes. These are some of them:

  • Location of storage
  • Access control and security
  • Controlling the versions
  • Trails of audits
  • Check-in/check-out, as well as document security.

Document management is a common component found inside an Enterprise Content Management environment, and while it is still recognized and used independently.

Features of dms:
Today, having a good document management system is crucial to a company's success. An ideal document management system should have the following eight features:

Document Library:
The document library is a secure location to store files so you and your colleagues can locate them easily, work on them together, and access them from any device at any time.

Version Control:
Version control, or source control, is a method for tracking and managing changes in software code.

A document management workflow is the method through which you save, share, remove, update, organise, and manage documents in your company. The method seeks to give explicit guidance on how to execute a task in the document management life cycle.
Essentially, document management workflows can be followed from the conception of an idea all the way through to the delivery of a document.

Task, Alerts and Notifications:
Knowing what's going on in your digital repository is one approach to maintain control over your papers. Zelite’s custom Document management system can help administrators and managers with this by letting them to configure email alerts for document and folder events including view, Importing, scanning, copying, exporting, locking, linking, security changes, deletions, overwriting, etc. Email notifications and alerts can also be used to notify users when new tasks are given to them or when tasks are changed. With an extensive alerting system, you'll always be aware when something happens in your system or when your documents are amended without having to continually watch and manually keep track of all changes.

Reports & Dashboards:
Reports are detailed collections of tables, charts, and graphs used for a more comprehensive analysis, whereas dashboards are used for monitoring the status of items.
Track KPIs, receive alerts, and dig down to underlying data or documents to investigate problems. The DMS dashboard gives you a bird's-eye perspective of your company data and enables you to make proactive, educated business decisions to increase performance.

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